Himalayan salt stones have become a holistic staple in self-care.

Considering Himalayan Salt Stone Massage? Explore the Benefits.

Himalayan salt stones have become a holistic staple in self-care, both at home and in wellness centers. This naturally occurring pink salt is in bedside lamps, salt rooms, tables, and, as you may have guessed, massage rooms. 

If you’re looking for a new experience to soothe your mind and body, the many Himalayan salt stone massage benefits may be just what you need.

What are Himalayan salt stones?

Himalayan sea salt is a compound element mined in and around the Himalayan mountain range in south and east Asia.  Although the pink-hued salt crystals contain a significant amount of sodium chloride, they also are made of up to 84 trace elements, including calcium, potassium, and magnesium. 

Once mined, Himalayan salt makes its way into our lives in various forms, including edible salts, lamps, and even brick formations to build therapeutic salt rooms. When used for massage therapy, the salt rocks are broken into smaller, palm-sized chunks that are shaped and smoothed into round or oval stones.

Himalayan salt stones and other products have and continue to be mainstays in Eastern healing traditions. Over the years, those traditions have gained traction in Western holistic therapies due to the many benefits practitioners associated with these beautiful mineral formations.

Himalayan salt stones have become a holistic staple in self-care.

What can I expect during a Himalayan Salt Stone Massage?

Your Himalayan salt stone massage experience will begin much like any other massage service. You’ll be ushered into a relaxing room where your massage therapist will provide treatment.  

From there, the service may look and feel similar to the more widely known volcanic basalt hot stone massage. The Himalayan salt stones, which are smoothed for maximum comfort, can be heated and placed on targeted areas of your body, including your back, legs, arms, and palms. 

Once the stones are placed on your body, your massage therapist will combine them with traditional massage techniques. These techniques may include stroke, rubbing, kneading, or tapping your body with the stones to ease muscle soreness, reduce stress and anxiety, and leave you with an overall sense of calm and well-being.

Keep in mind that your comfort is a priority, and though the salt stones are frequently heated before treatment, your massage therapist can adapt the treatment to meet your needs by changing the temperature of the rocks, techniques used, or pressure applied.  

Alleviates muscle pain or tension:

5 Himalayan Salt Stone Massage Benefits

Like many of the techniques and items used in massage therapy, Himalayan salt stones can enhance your massage experience and improve your mental, physical, and emotional well-being.  

Here are just a few of the benefits our clients' experiences during and after their Himalayan salt stone massages: 

  1. Balance positive and negative ions: Every day our bodies are subjected to toxins, pollutants, chemicals, and other materials that emit positive ions. And though “positive” may seem good, when these ions build up, they can leave us feeling anxious, stressed, or depressed. Himalayan sea salt naturally emits negative ions, which can counteract existing positive ones and help restore well-being. 
  2. Decrease inflammation: A high number of positive ions can also lead to increased inflammation, which can cause and exacerbate numerous health issues. When incorporated into a massage, Himalayan salt stones work to decrease inflammation and provide relief from related ailments. 
  3. Alleviates muscle pain or tension: By using heated salt stones and applying pressure to targeted parts of the body, your massage therapist can work through muscle pain and tension. 
  4. Reduces stress: When massage techniques are combined with the natural ionic benefits of Himalayan salt, the result is a powerful remedy for the stress and anxiety that so often deprive us of quality living. 
  5. Detoxifies: The minerals that compose and negative ions released can detoxify your body as well as the air around you. In addition, despite being smoothed for a comfortable experience, salt stones still provide light exfoliation, which can provide further detoxifying benefits. 

Himalayan salt stone therapy is also said to provide relief for a number of ailments, including respiratory issues, high blood pressure, and insomnia;  support a healthy immune system, and improve circulations.  

With all these benefits, a Himalayan salt stone massage is a good choice if you’re looking for a new twist on tried and true traditions. 

What Is A Massage With Cupping and Its Benefits?

For many spa-goers, cupping massages may seem like a relatively new service, but this unique massage technique has been around for centuries, and with good reason. Cupping therapy brings to the table a wealth of benefits that can enhance and transform a traditional massage service. 

What is cupping?

Cupping is an ancient form of alternative medicine that dates back to early Eastern societies, specifically Chinese, Middle Eastern, and Egyptian cultures. Today, cupping maintains a place in the medical world, and it’s grown in popularity thanks to increased accessibility and endorsements by prominent athletes and celebrities. 

During a cupping massage, cups made of glass, bamboo, silicone, or earthenware are applied to the body to treat many conditions, including muscle pain, lymphatic blockages, and skin disorders. 

Your cupping massage will begin much like any other massage service. You'll enter a private room, disrobe, and lie down on the massage table. Once there, your massage therapist will begin the treatment by applying the cups to targeted body areas using gentle suction to adhere them to your body. To do this, your therapist will typically use one of two methods to create the required vacuum. 

Traditionally, practitioners place a flammable substance, like alcohol, dried herbs, cotton, or wool, inside the cup.

Traditionally, practitioners place a flammable substance, like alcohol, dried herbs, cotton, or wool, inside the cup. The contents of the cup are ignited and then extinguished. Once the cup begins to cool, it is adhered to a targeted part of the body, relying on the natural vacuum created in the process. 

Many massage therapists rely on the traditional cupping preparation process, but others choose to employ a more modern yet equally effective technique. In this case, your massage therapist will use cups with a small pump to achieve the required section level. 

Once the cups are placed on your body, your massage therapist will leave them there for a few minutes to achieve the desired results. What happens next, however, depends on the type of cupping technique in use. Traditionally, there are two primary types: dry and wet.  

  • Dry Cupping: During a dry cupping treatment, the technique most frequently used in massage therapy, the cups will remain on the body for several minutes. The massage therapist may leave the cups in a single location or move them around to simulate a wider target area and create a soothing massaging effect. 
  • Wet Cupping: During a "wet cupping" treatment, a therapist will remove the previously attached cups from your body and use a scalpel to make minor, surface-level cuts in the skin. Then they will reattach the cups to your body. Once properly suctioned, the gentle vacuum pulls a small amount of blood from the skin. Practitioners of this cupping art believe the process can remove toxins from the skin and increase healing in the target location. 

What are the benefits of cupping during a massage?

Much like other forms of massage, a cupping massage can provide you with a host of benefits that improve your physical, mental, and emotional wellbeing. The cupping experience, which is frequently coupled with traditional massage techniques, can help you relax, reduce stress, and alleviate pain. But there’s more to this ancient technique.

Cupping can provide relief from both chronic ailments, like arthritis, and short-term ailments and discomforts, like injury-related muscle pain or bronchitis.  

Improves circulation: Once the suction cups are placed on the target area, the gentle suction will promote increased circulation. This can relieve tension, promote healing, and soothe sore muscles. 

Reduces anxiety: During a spa service, your therapist may run the cups up and down your body to provide a unique massage experience. This can activate the parasympathetic nervous system, which promotes relaxation and reduces anxiety. 

Aids in digestion: Cupping can help clear blockages in the colon and further aid digestion by improving the flow of blood and fluids to and from organs. 

Improves respiratory function: Clients who suffer from respiratory-related ailments, like asthma or bronchitis, may find that a cupping massage can alleviate symptoms by increasing blood supply to the lungs, encouraging the movement of lymph fluid, and helping to break up congestion. 

Enhances skin health and appearance: Increased blood flow and lymphatic circulation can remove excess fluid from the body and eliminate toxins. Cupping can help improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks, and even varicose and spider veins. 

Does cupping hurt?

A cupping massage can be a positive experience that leaves you refreshed, relaxed, and relieved of discomfort. Most patients find the experience to be free from pain or discomfort. However, it's always important to note that the cups will leave behind temporary red circles or bruising, but this is harmless and will fade within 7 to 10 days. 

What is CBD oil

Top 4 Rejuvenating Benefits of a CBD Massage

Both massage therapy and CBD oil aim to ease the body and mind, making them the perfect therapeutic pairing. If you’re considering booking a massage or purchasing one for a friend or loved one, a CBD massage can unlock a whole new euphoric experience that will leave you relaxed, distressed, and anxiety-free.

What is a CBD Massage?

As the name suggests, a CBD massage is a massage treatment that includes CBD oils or creams. During your experience, your massage therapist will use a series of traditional massage techniques while incorporating the oil, much like they would other types of massage oil.

However, because this oil has numerous physical and mental benefits, including improved mood and reduced pain, your experience will be enhanced by the natural and soothing effects of the oil. 

Adding CBD oil to your massage is a great way to take your experience to the next level

What is CBD oil?

CBD oil, more formally known as Cannabidiol oil, is derived from Cannabis sativa, or the marijuana plant. Unlike THC, which is psychoactive and gives users a “high” feeling, the oil is non-psychoactive but still carries many benefits. Of note, research shows that CBD oil can be a powerful solution for chronic pain management and anxiety relief. 

To make CBD oil, cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant and mixed in with a carrier oil, like hemp oil or coconut oil. Once properly prepared, it can be added to several products, including topical ones, like creams, lotions, shampoos, and skincare solutions. As well as consumable products, like beverages, candies, and other food items. 

What are the benefits of CBD oil during a massage?

Patients may book massages for many reasons, but most simply try to find relief - physical, mental, and even spiritual. Over time, research has shown that CBD oil, whether applied directly, can help them achieve that level of relief. 

CBD massages bring together the best of both worlds, making it a popular service for individuals seeking to elevate their massage experience. Patients who book this service can take advantage of the many benefits of this massage, including the following:

  • Relieves pain: The anti-inflammatory properties of the oil can help patients find relief from chronic pain or pain associated with arthritis, injury, or general muscle soreness. When used in combination with massage techniques, the oil benefits can be enhanced, leaving patients with less pain by the end of the session. 
  • Reduces stress and anxiety: The oil interacts with the endocannabinoid (ESC) system, which is responsible for regulating your mood, memory, sleep, and even your appetite. Choosing a CBD massage allows you to benefit from the therapeutic qualities with the additional boost of cannabinoid-based relief from stress, anxiety, and even fear. 
  • Improves skin health: Because the oil has anti-inflammatory properties, it can also be used to help treat and soothe common skin conditions, including acne, eczema, and dry skin. After your treatment, you’ll likely notice smoother skin and relief from any existing skin issues. 
  • Extends your massage experience: If you’re looking for a way to increase the effects of your massage, CBD can do just that. Most patients who receive a CBD massage will enjoy the euphoric feelings for up to two hours after leaving the spa or treatment center. 

Cannabidiol is extracted from the cannabis plant and mixed in with a carrier oil, like hemp oil or coconut oil.

A massage is a great way to treat yourself and find relief from pain, stress, and anxiety. Adding CBD oil to your massage is a great way to take your experience to the next level and increase the already plentiful benefits of this traditional treatment. 

Contact us today to schedule your appointment and unlock a whole new spa experience. 

Couples massagecan help you strengthen your bond with a loved one.

Wondering What to Expect At a Couples Massage?

Massage therapy is a great way to reduce stress, alleviate tension, and enter a relaxed state of being that is beneficial to both your body and mind. And it’s also a great experience to share with someone special. 

A couples massage combines the many individual benefits of massage therapy with a unique and customizable experience that can help you strengthen your bond with a loved one.

A couples massage refers to when you and your guest will lie on side-by-side massage tables

What does a “couples massage” mean?

A couples massage refers to when you and your guest will lie on side-by-side massage tables while enjoying the massage service of your choice. During this time, two licensed Massage Now therapists in Kingston will coordinate your treatments to ensure you both have the opportunity to relax and enjoy the tranquility of your luxury experience. 

A couples massage can be a fantastic opportunity for romantic partners to share a special moment, but couples massages are not limited to romance. Instead, this spa treatment is designed for any two people who enjoy a positive connection; that includes mothers and daughters, sisters, and friends. 

By that definition, a couples massage means you and someone important to you have the opportunity to enjoy a moment of peaceful existence together—something that isn’t always easy to find.

What can I expect from a couples massage?

During your couples massage, you and your guest will be escorted to a private massage room to enjoy simultaneous massage services. The room will be dimly lit and light, soothing music will be playing in the background. 

Once you’ve each undressed and are on your massage tables, two massage therapists will enter the room and begin your spa treatment.  

Once your massage starts, your experience will depend on the massage service and duration you chose while scheduling your appointment. Generally, each therapist will rub, stroke, or press your muscles, tendons, ligaments, and skin, applying the desired pressure to help you and your guest experience a heightened sense of comfort and wellness.  

At the end of your session, the two massage therapists will leave the room and provide you and your guest with the time to slowly emerge from your relaxed state and get dressed.  

What do I wear to a couples massage?

A couples massage is a journey to comfort for both the body and mind. The clothing you wear to and from your appointment should do just that—make you comfortable. We recommend wearing something light, soft, and comfortable before and after your massage to help you ease into and transition out of your experience. 

What do you wear during your couples massage? This too is based on comfort. Many clients choose to wear underwear during their massage, though some choose to go without. 

Regardless of which you choose, your massage therapist will use a lightweight sheet or blanket to ensure you’re comfortable and appropriately covered for the duration of your experience.

Couples massagecan help you strengthen your bond with a loved one.

How do you prepare for a couples massage?

There’s no list of pre-massage prep activities, but there are a few things you can do to help ensure your experience is one of joy and tranquility. 

  • Choose a service that works for you and your guest.  Massage preferences can vary from person to person, and choosing a spa trip that you’re both comfortable with can lead to a better individual and combined experience.
  • Consider your schedules.  Life is busy, and sometimes we have little choice other than to run from obligation to obligation. However, if possible, it’s a good idea to schedule your appointment on a day when you have minimal obligations. Massages help you let go of stress and tension and become centered. Allow yourselves the time and space to bask in your enhanced state of wellness. 
  • Avoid heavy meals before your appointment.  A couples massage is a great way to begin or end a day spent with a loved one, and a meal before or after can add to your day. However, it’s a good idea to avoid heavy meals before your appointment. Doing so can help you avoid any unnecessary digestive discomfort that may be associated with a big meal or exacerbated when your therapist applies pressure to certain parts of your body.  
  • Leave your phones behind:  Most of us can’t really leave our phones at home for the day, but silencing your phones and leaving them in your purse or car will allow you and your partner to disconnect from the stressors of the outside world and enjoy quality time together. 
  • Relax. The outside world can be a source of stress, but once you’re inside, your goal should be to let go of the stress and relax. That may also mean that you avoid any potential tension-inducing conversational topics. If possible, consider setting aside some time before your massage to clear your mind and slowly leave behind your concerns and obligations. 

A couples massage is a great way to improve your health, achieve a heightened sense of comfort, and center your minds, bodies, and hearts.  

Have more questions or want to book a couples massage? Contact us today so we can help.