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Upper Body Massage Services

Do you carry stress in your neck and shoulders? Work with your therapist to determine the perfect pressure to release that tension with an upper-body massage.

The most common areas our clients complain about are their neck and shoulders. It’s there that most people in today’s day and age are dealing with difficulties and these issues are often the result of the stress modern living places on our bodies, from working at desks all day to driving. That is why our upper body massage is one of the essential processes for us to offer.

This massage helps you regain full range of motion in your neck and shoulders. It can also help increase circulation and release toxins that are being trapped by tense muscle tissue. And everyone who undergoes it reaches a state of comfort and relaxation we are all in desperate need of.

The Process

An upper body massage begins with you lying on your back. The massage therapist will start with a deep shoulder massage and slowly work their way to the top of your neck. By focusing on the base of your skull, there is an immediate release of tension. 

From there, they will begin to slowly work their way down. Releasing tension caught in the neck and shoulders is extremely important to this process.

But tension is not limited to these areas. The practitioner will also work the pectoral muscle and even focus on freeing mobility in your arms.

After working down to the pectoral muscle, the practitioner will typically ask you to roll over to the prone position. The practitioner may use various techniques to work muscle tissue of your back but avoid bony areas such as the spine.

The strokes they use throughout are similar to any deep tissue massage, long and firm. Their goal is to work the tense muscle tissue, focusing on alleviating tensions and freeing mobility.

You must communicate the issues you are experiencing with the practitioner before beginning. Doing so gives them the best chance to provide you with the most effective session possible.

There may be a typical structure, but this is a freeform message, and you may experience different variations of the procedure. The masseuse is there to give you the best care they can and will focus on your body’s unique condition.

Who Needs an Upper Body Massage?

In the modern age, just about everyone needs an upper body massage. From working on computers to driving cars, and even leisurely browsing our phones, we put excessive strain on this portion of our bodies.

We regularly pull our shoulders forward to unnatural positions that create tension in our upper backs, necks, and shoulders.

But even the most active individuals will benefit from our upper body massage. Most people carry stress in their upper bodies, even if they are unaware of it.

Anyone who receives it will notice many benefits, including improvements in their posture, reduced pain, and increased mobility. But any massage therapy session is also great for the mind and soul.

An upper body massage is excellent for relaxation because it is a non-invasive yet intensive session. You will feel little to no discomfort, especially if you are not fond of being overexposed. No matter your condition, you will walk away from your session feeling utterly relaxed and refreshed.

Treat your mind and body today with an Upper Body Massage