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Oncology Massage Services

Cancer treatments are challenging, but we're here to help with our oncology massage. A gentle touch can bring comfort to oncology patients.

Cancer naturally causes multiple hardships and complications for both the mind, body, and soul. We’re here to help. 

Our oncology massage therapy sessions help those dealing with cancer throughout the many stages of its cycle. No matter if you are going through treatment, in a stage of recovery, or facing the complicated reality of passing, we can help bring your body and mind to a level of content that provides you the strength to keep moving forward

Massage Therapy and Cancer

Is a massage session safe for cancer patients? The first thing to understand about an oncology massage is that it is a comfort-based, non-invasive, pain-free process.

Our massage therapists understand the pain doctors and nurses cause in treatment. They use a gentle touch to help relieve the stress and anxiety it has caused. More than anything, they want to bring you to a level of relaxation you are in desperate need of during these trying times.

Also, understand that oncology massage therapists undergo special training to attain the skills necessary to treat cancer patients. An oncology massage is vastly different than traditional sessions, and it requires one to have the right training to work safely and effectively.

It is not a deep tissue massage that will force you to work through pain and discomfort to achieve a better physical state. Instead, it consists of massage techniques that use slow, steady movements to focus on the central nervous system to help you relax.

Oncology massages are primarily known to help reduce anxiety and stress, but they can also provide you with physical benefits. If you receive an oncology massage every day, you will notice an improvement in sleep patterns, a better ability to tolerate the side effects of treatment, and fewer headaches. Many even report reductions in numbness and nausea caused by chemotherapy.

Specific to Your Needs

“But is it safe for me?” You should always consult a doctor to ensure that massage therapy is recommended for you. But, many are cleared to pursue our sessions.

Again, our therapists undergo specialized training, allowing them to build a session that best suits your needs. It is essential that they have a thorough understanding of the disease and how it affects your body. Their research goes further than just general knowledge, and they will perform assessments to develop a session specific to your condition.

They look at treatment history, compromised blood cells, tumor sites, lymph node involvement, vital organ involvement, sensitive tissue, and more.

Our practitioners understand your condition’s severity expressly and will work to implore techniques to avoid causing pain. They will also actively change their practices through your battle with cancer to ensure each session is effective as the last.

An oncology massage session is about more than just helping you relax. It is about helping you connect with the caring hands you need now more than ever.

Treat your mind and body today with an Oncology Massage