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Pregnancy Massage Services

Aches, pains, swollen feet, and legs are some side effects of pregnancy. A prenatal massage can ease those tired muscles and help nerve pain.

Your child is a blessing, and you cannot wait until she or he gets here. As magical as the experience of new motherhood can be, pregnancy is hard on your body. Childbearing is no small feat. It causes stress and tension in the body that aren’t helping the other emotional hardships you’re already going through.

You are on a powerful journey, and there are minimal moments when you’ll find true relaxation. That’s where we can help. Our Pregnancy Massage is the perfect way for women in the second and third trimester to receive the care and attention their bodies desperately need.

Is It Safe?

First things first: You should always consult a doctor to ensure a massage is recommended based on your condition.

If you can receive one, you can rest assured you and your child are in good hands.

Our parental massage therapists are specially trained to give expecting mothers the care they deserve without posing a risk to you or your little one. They will position your body carefully into positions that allow you to experience the massage your body needs comfortably.

This session focuses on improving circulation, reducing swelling in your hands and feet, and relieving tension in your lower back, your shoulders, and your neck. It will reduce pain and fatigue, helping you and your child reach a more relaxed state.

Pregnancy massage therapy sessions are known to reduce anxiety and stress, two things you are undoubtedly struggling with. It also helps stabilize hormonal levels. During your pregnancy, hormone shifts contribute to the emotional issues you struggle with, and this session will help. It will even target the nervous system and release endorphins for a soothing effect.

Your Session

Unlike other massages, a pregnancy massage will place you on your side. The therapist will carefully position your body and support it with carefully placed pillows to allow you to relax in the most comfortable position possible.

This is a deep tissue massage, and the practitioner will work on various parts of your body while giving special care to the areas of concern. Your neck, shoulders, and lower back will be worked well to reduce tension. They will also use a special focus to increase circulation and reduce swelling.

Your feet will also get outstanding care. They are tired and sore; this session will include a pedicure to help relieve them. There was a myth that you should not massage a pregnant woman’s feet because it could send her into preterm labor. This misconception was due to a pressure point in the ankle area that is believed to induce labor. This would require a very specific pressure point and a prolonged period of pressure. This myth has scared and prevents pregnant women from getting massages – but it’s all just a myth. 

The therapist will communicate with you regularly throughout the session, as well. This is to ensure you are comfortable and relaxed. They will talk about your physical state and learn about any particular problems you are experiencing. But they are also there to give you the non-sexual human contact you need.

Mothers to be will also enjoy the facial that is included. Hormonal shifts have an impact on your skin, and we must help rejuvenate it. All mothers will walk away feeling refreshed, relaxed, and beautiful.

Treat your mind and body today with a Pregnancy Massage