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Himalayan Salt Massage Services

Looking to truly decompress? Try our Himalayan Salt massage, using warm salt stones to eliminate negative ions, resulting in less anxiety.

Many massage therapy sessions are charged with spirituality. They combine ritualistic practices believed to release negative energy from your body as the therapist works vital areas to improve your physical condition.

Our Himalayan Salt Massage also works to rid our bodies of harmful energy, but it takes a slightly different approach. It may be exotic, but that doesn’t mean it’s anchored solely to prayer and spirituality. 

There are critical elements of science used to physically release harmful energy from your body and help you achieve a more relaxed state. These aspects allow the massage therapist to take advantage of them to truly work through those problem areas.

The Science Behind It

A Himalayan Salt Massage is something you can easily understand. It’s almost identical to the traditional hot stone massage you’ve used or heard about before.

Like a hot stone massage, the salt stones are heated and placed on your bare skin. This triggers your parasympathetic nervous system and helps you reach a more relaxed state. The heat will also help with soothing the muscles, allowing the practitioner to work out any tension more effectively.

Unlike the stones used in other massage sessions, these stones also contain 84 minerals that nourish the skin throughout the massage process. Our therapist may also use them as a tool to help with working muscles. Because they have a textured surface, they will also exfoliate your skin. Along with feeling refreshed, your skin will be smoother and healthier after this experience.

Himalayan salt stones are also loaded with negative electrons. If you’re familiar with grounding, also known as earthing, this is exciting news. Throughout the day, positive electrons will collect in your body, negatively impacting the healing process and contributing to harmful inflammation.

Himalayan salt stones help release this excess energy, prompting your systems to reach a more relaxed and natural state. This process also helps reduce anxiety and stress, which is why many will want to experience it.

The Experience

Our therapists will begin the process with stone placement. This is done to help warm the muscles and bring them to a more relaxed state. After this, they can then begin to work them more effectively.

It is an intensive session as the main goal is to get deep into trouble areas to help release tension, freeing mobility, and reducing pain. Throughout the process, the stones will be used in different ways.

They may be used to glide over the skin, spreading the heat across the surface, and they may also be used as an extension of the hand to reach deeper into difficult spots. You’ll notice that the stones have different shapes, and the practitioner may use the various shapes to their advantage.

By nature, this massage session is beneficial both physically and therapeutically for anyone. The heat will help you relax, and the massage will release toxins and reduce pain, while the salts will cure your skin. But the reduction of positively charged ions is especially beneficial in today’s modern world. We overload our bodies with electrical energy transferred through electronic devices, and the salt stones help release it.

Treat your mind and body today with a Himalayan Salt Massage