deep tissue massage now

Deep Tissue Massage

Suffering from a sports injury or chronic pain? Deep tissue massage uses continual pressure in deep strokes increasing blood flow and lowering inflammation.

swedish massage now

Swedish Massage

Looking to rid yourself of muscle tension? Our Swedish Massage is the solution. The massage improves flexibility and lowers your stress levels.

Lomi Lomi Massage

Rejuvenate your body with this gentle yet intensely rhythmic Hawaiin Lomi Lomi massage. This massage is hard to come by and treats your mind and body as one.

himalayan salt massage now

Himalayan Salt Massage

Looking to truly decompress? Try our Himalayan Salt massage, which uses warm salt stones that eliminate negative ions, resulting in less anxiety.

reflexology massage now

Reflexology Foot Massage

Even if you're not suffering from foot pain, our reflexology foot massage can deliver significant well-being benefits from head toe, resulting in increased health and relaxation.

hot stone massage now

Hot Stone Massage

Melt away from life's daily tensions with our Hot Stone Massage. Hot stones combine with Swedish massage techniques, helping you truly relax.

oncology comfort massage now

Oncology Comfort Massage

Cancer treatments are challenging, but we're here to help with our oncology massage. A gentle touch can bring comfort to oncology patients, soothing the body.

pregnancy massage now

Pregnancy Massage

Aches, pains, and swollen feet and legs are some side effects of pregnancy. A prenatal massage can gently ease those tired muscles and help nerve pain.

CBD Massage

Trouble relaxing? Need a boost in mood? The use of CBD oils and creams during a regular massage provides extra help to reduce stress and reduce inflammation.

sinus massage now

Sinus Massage

Suffering from nasal congestion or headaches because of seasonal allergies? Maybe an infection? Our sinus massage accompanied with heat is the solution.

upper body massage now

Upper Body Massage

Do you carry stress in your neck and shoulders? Work with your therapist to determine the perfect pressure to release that tension with an upper-body massage.

Massage Now Signature

Looking for something unique? Our Signature Massage is a 60-minute massage that combines an upper body massage, reflexology, and Himalayan salt stones.

Express Massages

These are express massages when either someone doesn't have enough time for a full-body massage or needs to target a concentrated area massage. These use moderate to deep pressure.


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