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Sinus Massage Services

Suffering from nasal congestion or headaches because of seasonal allergies? Maybe an infection? Our sinus massage accompanied with heat is the solution.

Nobody likes dealing with sinus issues. From congestions and discharge to headaches and worse, your sinuses can surely ruin your day. While most problems are due to allergens, illness, and sinus infection, other issues such as irregularities and deformations in the system can also cause unpleasant conditions.

As you know, your sinuses are a network of small cavities in your skull. You may not know that massage therapy can help improve any discomfort you are experiencing in this area. Our sinus face massage is a session that is perfect for anyone struggling with a variety of sinus related issues.

Three Sinus Massage Techniques

You may think there is one type of sinus massage technique, but there are three. These techniques are known as the Frontal Sinus Massage, Maxillary Sinus Massage, and Sphenoid/Ethmoid Sinus Massage.

Your frontal sinus is just above your nose in the center of the forehead, this is likely what you think of when it comes to sinuses, but there are two more. The Maxillary is above your cheeks on either side of the bridge. And your Sphenoid sinus is in the center of your skull behind your eyes and nose.

For this session to be beneficial, the practitioner must work through these areas as your condition dictates. Keep in mind that symptoms of sinus issues are specific to different clients. So, you must communicate what you are feeling. From there, the therapist can create a technique and range of motions to help you feel relief.

What to Expect 

A sinus face massage session will include more than simple work of the sinus cavities. It will begin with gentle stretching of the neck and shoulders to help you relax and prepare for the process. The therapist may also incorporate some traditional techniques to help connect with you spiritually before beginning.

Also, note that they may implore the use of essential oils to help free up any blockages or relieve any allergen symptoms you are experiencing. But not always. It’s just a useful technique that enhances the impact the massage may have on your condition.

Through the process, they will work between the areas in the manner they see fit. It is a free-form session that follows no specific structure. Again, they are also basing the massage on how you are feeling as an individual.

The entirety of the process may only last around 15 minutes. Alternating between sinus, facial, and neck massages will all be necessary to help you reach a relaxed state. Yes, it is a quick session compared to others, but it will still help relieve stress and tension you may be dealing with.

After the session, you are going to notice some significant benefits. An effective sinus massage will relieve headaches, pressure, and help you breathe much more easily. 

Pay attention to what techniques the therapist uses during the massage. Study the simple methods because you can perform on your own to relieve sinus issues you may experience at other points in your life. But if you rather a professional’s touch, we are always here to help you.

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