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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Services

Rejuvenate your body with this gentle yet intensely rhythmic Hawaiin Lomi Lomi massage. This hard to come by massage treats the mind and body.

Few massage therapy sessions blend spirituality, love, and care together like the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi. This session is perfect for an individual who needs the intensive care they can find elsewhere but with a touch that helps them achieve a more relaxed and peaceful state.

It is similar to Swedish or Deep Tissue massages in many ways, but some key factors make it a very different experience.

The History and Practice

The Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is a style of massage therapy passed down through generations of Hawaiians. One family member taught it to the next, and over time, various styles would develop. 

Abraham Kawai’i and Auntie Margaret Machado were some of the first to begin teaching this style to non-Hawaiians. Though their teachings are slightly different, the key elements exist within all forms.

The practice is based heavily on Hawaiian spirituality and implores the concept of aloha, which means love. All practitioners are taught to incorporate prayer into the routine and use love and intention throughout the session.

Practitioners who honor the tradition will open the session with prayer. Afterward, they will gently lay their hands on your body and remain still for a few minutes. Hawaiian rituals accompany this part of the session as the practitioner will call on spirits for help with healing.

The massage session will then be very similar to a traditional Swedish massage as the practitioner will use various strokes. They may be extended and slow or quick and refreshing. They will focus on critical areas to help remove energy blockages and improve circulation.

During the session, you will be asked to focus on breathing. Slow, deep breathes help bring in positivity and inspiration and releasing negativity and stress.

More of your body will be exposed than with other practices, but no more than you are comfortable with. You should also know that this is a free-form massage, and the steps are defined as the therapist sees fit.

Who Should Consider a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage?

There are numerous health benefits of a Lomi Lomi massage, making it perfect for anyone of any walk of life.

It will stimulate circulation and promote better healing. You will also feel a release in muscle tension and feel improvements in both flexibility and muscle tone. It will also help release toxins that are trapped within tense muscle tissue throughout your body.

But the Lomi Lomi massage is a spiritual experience that you will walk away from feeling better both mentally and emotionally. It helps reduce stress, depression, and even exhaustion. However, many have used it to help heal the soul in times of grief or loss.

Auntie Margaret Machado once said the difference between a Swedish Massage and the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi is Loving hands. Love is key to helping you reach a better state both mentally and physically. Therefore, no matter what you are experiencing in life, this session is intended to help you find the strength to power through it. 

Treat your mind and body today with a Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage