We tend to carry the weight of the world—or at least our personal and professional lives—on our shoulders. For many of us, that translates to tight muscles, tension headaches, and pain radiating to the neck, shoulders, and mid to lower back. 

Many of our massage services can help you deal with that pain, but if you relate all too well with the issues we just mentioned, then an upper body massage may be your key to sweet relief

What is an upper-body massage?

An upper body massage is a treatment that focuses specifically on the mid and upper back and the neck, shoulders, and head. Your massage therapist will use various levels of pressure to rub, stroke, and knead areas that are typically tight or store tension in the upper half of your body.  

When your upper body massage appointment begins, you’ll also have time to talk to your therapist and discuss issues or specific pain points that you’d like them to work on. As such, the upper body massage can be customized to fit your exact needs, whether it’s tension headaches, sports injuries, or general neck, shoulder, and back pain.  

One of the primary benefits of an upper-body massage is pain reduction.

What are the benefits of an upper-body massage?

Even though an upper body massage only focuses on everything from the waist up, the overall experience can leave you feeling better from head to toe. Clients who choose our upper body massage may experience the following benefits: 

1. Reduced pain

One of the primary benefits of an upper-body massage is pain reduction. That includes pain associated with medical conditions and injuries and pain that stems from everyday activities. Everything from sitting at a desk all day to spending hours performing physical labor can leave the muscles and ligaments in our upper body sore. 

As muscle tension in one part of the upper body can directly impact another, quickly turning a sore back muscle into neck pain and headaches. As your massage therapist works on each muscle group, the pain will melt away.

2. Alleviates tension headaches

Stress, anxiety, injury, or even sleeping the wrong way can all lead to increased tension in the neck, face, and scalp area, all of which can cause painful headaches. During an upper body massage, your therapist will combine several techniques to massage your shoulder, neck, and head muscles, eliminating or reducing the pain often associated with tension headaches.  

An upper body massage increases blood flow.

3. Improves circulation

As is often the case with many massage techniques, an upper body massage can promote circulation in the upper body region. Improved circulation can expedite the healing process, making this an effective massage service for anyone coping with injuries in the upper body areas. 

4. Improves immune response

Because an upper body massage increases blood flow, it also can lead to an increase in white blood cells and lymphocytes. In addition to aiding in the healing process, the increase in white blood cells and lymphocytes can also improve your immune system. 

5. Helps athletes cope with sport-related pain and injury

Athletes frequently benefit from deep tissue massages, but if you suffer from training-related injuries and soreness in the upper body region, this massage may provide a more targeted approach to healing. 

Can I speak up during my massage if something doesn’t feel right?

An upper body massage can bring you much-needed relief from muscle soreness, tension, and stress, but that doesn’t mean the path to pain relief is the same for everyone. 

We encourage every client to let us know if they feel pain or are otherwise uncomfortable during a massage. Your therapist can work with you to find the best pressure level or technique to ensure your comfort. 

An upper body massage is a great way to cope with the physical and mental stressors you accumulate each day.  This type of massage can also present an additional way to target and treat upper body injuries or chronic pain.  

Regardless of what brings you to the massage table, an upper body massage will leave you feeling energized and relaxed while benefiting from reduced pain and muscle tension.