Looking for a way to get even more out of your next massage session? Hot stones may be the key to an even more relaxing experience that will ease tension and relieve stress. 

This type of massage combines traditional techniques used during Swedish or deep tissue massages with heated stones to melt away stress, anxiety, tension, and pain. 

What is a hot stone massage?

Today’s hot stone massage therapy is believed to be a modern spin on ancient techniques first practiced in ancient Indian cultures and later Chinese, Egyptian, and Middle Eastern cultures.  Now, this popular service is in spas and massage centers around the world

In many ways, a hot stone massage is similar to other popular forms of massage therapy.  Your massage therapist will use their palms, fingers, and forearms to rub, stroke, and apply pressure to various parts of your body in an effort to release tension and reduce any pain you may be feeling.  The defining characteristic, as the name suggests, is the incorporation of hot stones.

Typically made from basalt, a form of volcanic rock, these smooth stones are heated and then placed on various parts of your body, frequently the back, stomach, arms, feet, and face, depending on your needs. 

Hot stone can contribute to your overall physical and mental wellness.

Your therapist will also use the stones by grasping them and using them to rub and stroke various parts of your body. This combination of heat and added pressure allows for a deeper, more relaxing massage experience and can assist your therapist in targeting specific pain points. 

In many ways, your hot stone massage will mimic other popular massage therapy services, like Swedish or deep tissue massages. However, instead of relying on their palms, fingers, and forearms to apply pressure, your therapist will incorporate flat and smooth stones composed of basalt, a type of volcanic rock. 

Your therapist will use the hot stones in different ways to enhance your overall massage experience or provide targeted relief to a specific part of your body.  

During the massage, your therapist may place the stones directly on your back, stomach, face, hands, and feet to radiate warmth to a specific part of your body.  Frequently, however, they will hold on to the stones and use them to warm and apply pressure as they rub and stroke your body. 

What is hot stone massage therapy good for?

Like any of our massages, a hot stone can contribute to your overall physical and mental wellness.  Anyone who suffers from the following conditions may find hot stone massages particularly beneficial: 

  • Pain and muscle tension: We often turn to heat to reduce pain and soreness associated with short-term or chronic muscle or joint problems.  Hot stone massages introduce this element to heat to traditional massage techniques creating a powerful, healing combination. 
  • Anxiety and stress: Most massages treatments can help you say goodbye to stress and anxiety, but hot stone massages are uniquely suited to increase this relief.  That’s because the heat from the stones can expand blood vessels and encourage blood flow, which aids in relaxation. 
  • Chronic pain or ailments: The warmth and increased circulation associated with hot stone massages also make this service an excellent option for individuals suffering from various ailments and conditions, including rheumatoid arthritis and fibromyalgia.  A hot stone massage can also help individuals suffering from the side effects associated with cancer treatment. 

Your therapist will heat the stones to between 120 and 145 degrees during a hot stone massage.

How hot are the stones used in a hot stone massage? 

Many first-time clients are concerned that the stones used may be too hot, leading to discomfort or pain. However, your therapist will heat the stones to between 120 and 145 degrees during a hot stone massage. 

Doing so makes them hot enough to soothe your muscles or allow your therapist to work on deep tissue areas. However, the stones should never be so hot that your massage becomes uncomfortable or painful.  

If you find the temperature is too hot, please immediately let your therapist know so they can cool them to a temperature more suitable for you.  

Hot stone massage therapy combines the soothing techniques of deep tissue and Swedish massages with heat and additional pressure, making it a great treatment option for anyone looking to extend the already plentiful benefits of massage therapy.  

If you’re considering a hot stone massage or have questions regarding this service, contact us today. We’ll be happy to assist you as you select the best service for your needs.