Are you someone who is looking to get a massage? Maybe you have a lot on your plate, and the stress is interfering with your day-to-day life. Or you’re an active person with a busy schedule with nowhere to plan for relaxing and taking a break.

Well, it’s about time you do something about it. When choosing where to go, the options can seem endless. There’s a spa. 

Or, you could try your hands on an independently owned massage therapy studio instead.

And what better studio to choose in Pennsylvania than Massage Now? Not only do we have therapeutic massage services that soothe, relax, and heal, but we make sure that each body is taken care of.

If you’re still stuck on which to choose, keep reading to help make your final decision. 

Massage Now founder Christine Mooney and massage therapist Cait Wunner

What Is an Independently Owned Massage Therapy Studio?

You know when you visit a new place, and they have their own coffee shops or hair salons that aren’t what you have or are used to seeing? They have their own trademark, unlike the popular brands and businesses you see all over the place. 

Essentially, that is what it means to be independently owned and operated. You are the owner of that store. You don’t have to adhere to anyone else because it’s your small business, and you’re not below anyone else. You get to manage your daily tasks and operations of the business through yourself without having any influence through an outside person who may have an ownership or financial interest.

This is the same for independently owned massage therapy studios. You are not part of a bigger corporation of studios and therefore can make or do what fits best with you. 

There are many different types of massages you can get, but at an independently owned studio can include:

What Is a Spa?

If you’re someone who enjoys luxury every now and then, going to a spa can feel like that. Though, it wasn’t always that way.

In fact, for centuries, a spa referred to a location where people would go to enjoy healing, medicinal baths in mineral spring water or seawater. 

However, spas today focus on various beauty and wellness treatments to ensure you feel and look great. 

Some of the treatment’s spas provide include:

  • Pedicure and foot massages
  • Hot stone massages
  • Pampering facial
  • Scalp massage and deep conditioning treatment
  • Mud mask
  • Acupressure
  • Exfoliation
  • Body wraps

There are also different spas to best determine what’s best for your wellness and beauty goals: 

  • Day Spas: These are spas that don’t involve traveling or staying the night. They have an abundance of accommodations and services ranging from saunas to facials.
  • Destination Spas: Many destination spas give an immersive experience as well as fitness activities and healthy living. This is for a spa getaway.
  • Medical Spa: These can be supervised by a doctor. Botox and laser resurfacing take place at this type of spa.
  • Resort and Hotel Spas: This is for traveling with your family or business and wants to relax, or if you’re indulging or just want to be in the great outdoors.
  • Mineral and Thermal Spring Spas: Mineral and thermal springs spas use mineral-rich waters, seawater, seaweed, and other natural elements from the ocean for their treatments to provide therapeutic benefits. 

Spa therapy can refer to water treatment, such as a hot tub or sauna.

Differences Between Massage Therapy Studios and Spas

When you think of massage studios and spas, you probably believe they are the same. Although they do provide some of the same treatments, there are some significant differences between them.

Spa therapy can refer to water treatment, such as a hot tub or sauna. It can also refer to wellness treatments being used as well as holistic or yoga-style classes.

Massage therapy is one of those treatments being used at the spa. There are many techniques for massages. And, they all cater to your body and tap into your mind and intuition. 

While spa and massage therapy are both relaxing, spas are more for the moment, while massage therapy studios help better you for the long term.

Benefits of Using an Independently Owned Massage Therapy Studio

If you’re still on the fence about whether a spa or independently owned massage therapy studio is the right choice for you, here are some benefits to consider to make it easier: 

  • No Waiting: All you have to worry about is booking an appointment and we’ll do the rest. 
  • No Upselling of Products: Unlike most spas that try to upsell their products being used on you, that isn’t the case here.
  • More Personal Feel: Spas can sometimes feel out of touch and not as inviting. With us, you’re taken care of the moment you walk in until you leave.

As you can see, choosing an independently owned and operated massage therapy studio is the way to go. You want people who will take care of your needs and make you a top priority. 

At Massage Now, we make sure that happens. 

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